Say you're on the market for an S3, wanted one of the five color.storm Vegas Yellow cars and were never able to chase one down. Well, we've found one of the five, so if that's you then read on.

As most can tell you, Audi produced a very limited production run of S3 cars for the United States. Five examples each of five different colors were run, each with color-matched stitching and beltline trim on the inside of the car. Three of these colors were Audi exclusive paint codes not readily available on the S3 unless you commissioned one from a dealer. One of these three colors was Vegas Yellow.

Vegas Yellow to those who don't know is perhaps the modern interpretation of Imola Yellow. It's a little less orange and a little more eye searing. It is also a factory available color on the new TTS and the new R8.

It seems one of these cars has landed at Biener Audi in Great Neck, NY.  Should you want more information, check it out on their website HERE .