It may seem hard to believe, but there was a time before Photoshop made all of your automotive dreams to come true with a few clicks of the mouse.  Back then, translating a design from idea to paper, then creating something life-sized required a steady hand, a keen eye, extreme metalworking talent and a large sum of money.  Still, for those brave enough to put their money where their mouth was, like the original builder of this 1964 Auto Union 1000 Sport Coupe.

Based on the chassis of an Auto Union 1000 SP Coupé, this one-off appears to combine the roof line of a Porsche 911 with the body of a Glas 1700 GT, mated to the front fascia of an Audi Super 90.  Power comes from a front-mounted 55hp three cylinder two-stroke engine.  In that, it's a bit of a hot-rod built in the most 1960s European way possible, focusing an impressive amount of energy on bodywork, and relatively little on outright power.

So while this was not a vehicle built by Audi themselves, it is still fairly remarkable in its own right.  As such, the asking price of €77,777 ($88,580) is open to debate, although we can all agree that you'd never be able to replicate it for that sum.

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