Get acquired, become heavily modified, be a star for a week, pop up on a certain well-known auction site- this is the life of a SEMA car.  Today's Find of the Day finds itself in that final phase, after sitting center stage in the VIAIR booth at SEMA, and later downstairs in the DUB area of the Los Angeles Auto Show.


Said to have more than $50,000 invested in the build (we'd believe it, the bodykit alone goes for nearly $22k), this 2009 R8 started life as your 'average' V8 model, outfitted with a proper gated 6 speed manual transmission.  In the past year, however, the car was treated to the aforementioned LB Works Widebody kit, a Airrex Air Suspension setup, Forged Rotiform SNA wheels, Sparco Seats and a valved Innotech Performance Exhaust.  To make the car pop that much more, it was completely repainted in Porsche's 'Grey Black', seen on the 997.2 911 GT3 RS.


When it comes to highly modified cars such as this, the asking price is usually a controversial figure, deemed too aspirational by most potential buyers, while being not nearly 'enough' for the owner/builder to recoup their costs.  With that in mind, let's do some quick maths.

An average 25,000 mile 2009 R8 V8 6MT will run you about $85k, which when paired with the $50,000 invested adds up to  $135,000, meaning that the Buy It Now price is nearly dead on to what you'd pay if building the car yourself.  That in mind, if this is your style, it just might not be a bad deal.

Check out the full for sale ad, here .