Today's entry in our Find of the Day series is a bit different than the usual historic find, surprising survivor or universally lustworthy performance model. Today's car is undoubtably polarizing and sure to be the cause for plenty of conversation.

Typically when it comes to modifying Audi models, those on our staff tend to prefer subtlety, OEM+ style and/or an increase in performance. Some cars vary from that often preferred method though and in as much bring down critique on those who built them.


Our take on modified cars, especially when they split from our own taste, is to remember that there is someone out there who saw this as their dream. Even if it doesn't suit our taste, it suits or suited theirs and there's no need to rain on an enthusiast. Even still, there are cars that test the limits and we suspect this gold A8 is one of them.

The basic rundown is that this car is a 2005 D3 A8L with 134,000 miles. Beyond that... well... you be the judge. The listing is a bit lacking in details given the obvious long list of modifications. Want to know more about it? Check it out on Craigslist HERE .