And now, for something a bit more polarizing.  We've seen Audi exclusive used to achieve the dreams of Audi customers around the world, sometimes with better results than others.  With that in mind, we present today's Find of the Day, an Audi Q5 hybrid painted in the extremely bold Papaya Orange, and currently for sale on eBay Motors .

About as subtle as a brick through the window, this Q5 is certain to never get lost in a parking lot, or anywhere else for that matter.  It's the sort of thing that'll require the right buyer, a person who is intrigued by this Q5's rarity, and is completely fine with driving something this visible.  We only wish it was just as adventurous on the inside.

With tan leather and wood trim, the interior isn't nearly as exciting as the exterior, which could be considered ether a detriment or a bonus.  For someone looking to pick up a hybrid for less coin than a comparable model in white, black or silver and isn't afraid to wrap it something a bit more traditional, it could be the perfect storm.  But if the buyer is interested specifically because of that Papaya Orange paint, the interior might be a bit of a non-starter.  It goes without saying, this will be an interesting auction to watch.

This Audi exclusive Papaya Orange Q5 hybrid is currently available on eBay Motors for $33,000 or best offer, with about 7 days left on the auction.  See more about the truck, here.