One of our favorite types of Audi to put in our 'Find of the Day' series is the incredibly rare variety. One of only one imported into the USA likely qualifies and in as much, we'd like to introduce you to this 1997 Audi S6 plus.

Based on the C4 chassis, the S6 plus was the first series production project ever built by Audi's then fledgling skunkworks quattro GmbH. These V8-fitted S6 models were super limited even before you consider that this was the only one to be imported into the States.


Here's the rundown from the current owner that we found posted over on QuattroWorld .
I recently picked up a project car, and do not have room for four cars in the garage, so I am sadly selling my recently acquired Plus.

Purchased last October from a highly respected, great guy, and Audiphile, Steve Mills, who sadly passed away.RIP. This is the only example in North America, fully certified to go back to the States if needed.No expenses were spared having it certified.

Der Plus, as it was called in Germany was built in '96 and marketed as a '97 model year. Neckarsulm manufactured 950 of these magnificent cars, as an answer to Porsche( as in,stick it up your a..e) when they would not do another special edition car, as a repeat to the RS2. They took the already amazing S6, sent it to Neckarsulm, where it was stripped down, lightened,and made even more quick, with the addition of a V8, no third seat,no electric seats,no driver door lock button,no sunroof,and assembled together by a handful of knowledgeable craftsmen. What came out of the factory, was a car worthy of showing it's hind quarters to most of the Porsche's of it's time.
The car has presently 101,000 miles, only 5K in my ownership. I have replaced the clutch master cylinder, put on new 255-40-17 Yokohama Advan Sport tires, had an alignment done, installed new transmission mounts and passed inspection in Quebec.

This particular car has been talked about on QW forums for over two years, has been a garage
 queen by the last three owners, taken out only on fairweather days, if possible

It has never seen snow or salt, having lead a sheltered life in Italy, before being brought over to the States.

There is the odd scratch or two, after all, the car has a few miles on it, and it has had a small touch-up or two, done on different panels, but the body is a solid 9 and the interior, with it's carbon fibre trim, a 9.5, with the only wear, being a small spot worn away under the carpet, under the driver side foot rest.Alcantara trim looks great. The V8 motor is absolutely beautiful to look at, and compression was recently checked and recorded at cyl. 1:200 psi, cyl. 2: 220 psi, cyl.3: 222 psi, cyl 4 220 psi, cyl 5: 216 psi, cyl 6: 211 psi, cyl 7: 211 psi, cyl. 8: 209 psi. The 6 speed transmission has been serviced and fluids replaced within the last 10K miles. Front pads are more than 75% and rears are new. Wheels have no curb rash.

Inside you are warmly greeted by a unique three spoke steering wheel, and instruments that were only placed on this particular car, and should you be too warmly welcomed, the air conditioning blows cold for your convenience.A Weathertech rubber mat is installed in the rear trunk area, and original Audi rubber mats are installed throughout, elsewhere.

The selling price is $25,000 U.S. Ppi is welcome. No lowballer's, no joyrider's. No guys who bring their mom's, because they think I am cute. Located in Morin Heights, north of Montreal, Qc
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