Hard to believe, but this year's Worthersee has already come and gone, leaving some of us still wanting more.  Hampered by inclement weather and a decreased manufacturer presence, this year's edition will certainly go down as one of the most interesting in recent memory.  Still, our pal Si Gray did not let the weather or turnout hamper his mood, still scouring the areas surrounding Lake Worthersee for the most expertly modified Audis in attendance.

Audis of nearly all vintages were captured by Mr. Gray's lens, adding 70 images to an already robust event report, all of which can be seen below.  Rather than go over our favorites one-by-one, we'll leave any determinations of beauty to the eye of each beholder.

See more from Si's time at Worthersee below, and be sure to also check out his Volkswagen coverage over on VWvortex .