We'll admit it, the ever-growing genre of dash cams are is an amazing, enthralling, entertaining and occasionally gut-wrenching thing... sometimes all at the same time. Case in point is this shot showing a brand new RS 6 Avant meeting up with a tram in a rather inglorious way.

The footage you see here is said to come out of Poznan, Poland and rumor is the car was brand new, out on test drive. The driver, coming in to an intersection hot, attempts to go around the outside of a car coming to a stop at an intersection. He attempts to turn right in front of the stopped car carrying the camera, but his swinging wide takes him right in front of a moving tram. The rest is dash cam and YouTube history.

[vsw id="c0wVVbVGOmI" source="youtube" width="560" height="315" autoplay="no"]