One of our favorite historic Audi racecars is now available in a 1-18th scale model from one of our favorite model car manufacturers. Otto Mobile is now making a scaled down version of the 1987 Audi quattro S1 driven to victory at the Pike's Peak hillclimb by Walter Rohrl.


In 1987, Audi Sport and Walter Rohrl returned to that mountain in Colorado to effectively defend the title. With it they brought one of the most wildly winged S1 Sport quattros yet to be built... and they won.


As a model car manufacturer, there's a lot to like about Otto Mobile. While their product isn't terribly easy to find in the USA and you often have to order it out of Europe, the firm has been building a name for itself making quality 1:18 scale models 80s and 90s era cars that have often been overlooked by the existing mainstream model car builders. For whatever reason, the '87 S1 quattro Pikes Peak is one of those cars.


Check out more information at the Otto Mobile website , where the car is currently listed as "sold out". Given they apparently don't have any stock, we also ran a quick Google search and found several places where the cars are listed for sale. If you're interested in buying one and can't get one from Otto Mobile directly, we'd suggest you do the same.