In a week littered with Fast & Furious related news (Vin Diesel's trilogy rumors or lawsuits levied at Porsche from Paul Walker's estate), we find it fitting to turn everyone's attention to a car like Dennis Tang's Audi S4. Say what you want about the redeeming social message of the Furious themed movies, we've always found their take on the tuner scene to be too cartoonish and caricatured. Tang's S4... it may be a more real world or at least real-to-Audi take on a highly tuned four-ringer fit for star placement in a feature film.

Why such praise? Frankly, Dennis has moved well beyond the realm of the most aggressive B8 Audi owners. Putting some highly expensive wheels and brakes on your stage 3 S4? That's cool and all, but Dennis grafted in box flares and additional bodywork from an RS 4 Avant.

Specifically, the car received no less than an Audi RS 4 front bumper, front fenders, fenders, black optic grille, side skirts, rear doors and handles, blended rear quarter panels, gas door and rear bumper blended to S4 bumper.

Adding to the look, all of the car's silver trim was painted gloss black. The car also received a set of European market headlights sans that pesky amber sidemarker fitted to North American spec cars.

You've seen it all you say? We know. You're no newb to the Audi scene and neither are we. Dennis' car has made the rounds, been shown at shows and blogged on blogs. Like any great mythical tuner car though, it's also constantly evolving. Like any Fast & Furious installment, it was destined for a sequel. In as much, we figured it was time to circle back around and get an update. Thankfully, TAG Motorsport who has continually handled most of the build of the car was kind enough to give us the rundown.

So what's different? The most obvious change is the suspension change. Out went the coilover kit and in went AccuAir's B8 Sportkit. If you're not a fan of air then we doubt even this car will make you one, but it's simply hard to deny the overwhelming growth of the air suspension market and the amount of owners running them... especially in Southern California where Tang's RS-bodied S-car carves canyons with regularity.

Augmenting the car's handling further is an Alu Kreuz drivetrain stabilizer from EuroCode Tuning and designed specifically for the B8 chassis. Effectively, this piece replaces the factory muli-piece unit with a solid design made of aluminum in order to stiffen the chassis even further and sharpen steering.

The car now rolls on a new set of alloys too. This time around, Dennis went with huge 21x10.5 and 21x11 HRE P104 wheels in trick dark tinted brushed finish. They roll on Pirelli P Zero Nero tires in 295/25 R21 sizing.

Inside, the car has also now received a boost gauge from AWE Tuning.

So, was the sequel better than the original. Purists may always stick with a fixed coilover setup for ultimate performance, but a star car like this one has to evolve just like a movie franchise. While critics may grouse, we suspect fans will keep coming back for more.

Thanks to TAG Motorsports for the update on the car. Dennis Tang's S4 is one of our favorite in the tuning scene and definitely one to watch.

More Information: TAG Motorsports