Audi is still thinking about whether or not it will follow FIA World Rallycross to electric in 2020 or not. But where they aren't on the fence is the current car. Audi has just introduced a new engine and aero package for the S1 EKS RX that makes it even faster.

Audi Sport says it is giving the Red Bull-sponsored car wings, and they're talking about an all-new rear wing. Audi Motorsport head Dieter Gass says that it's the first time factory Audi engineers have been involved in the rallycross car.

The new rear wing adds downforce with less drag. Similarly, the cooling system has been shuffled to breathe from new air scoops in the roof and rear windows.

The turbo two-litre four has been repositioned too. This year it has anti-lag for the first time to help keep it spooled. Power is up to 580 hp, but Audi says that the driveability increase is more significant than extra power.

The FIA World Rallycross Championship season starts April 14th in Barcelona, Spain.