LoÏc Duval has had a lot of experience driving cars very quickly, having raced Le Mans a number of times and won it in 2013. But the French driver says that driving DTM cars is still a challenge for him.

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters mainly sees competition between Audi, Mercedes, and BMW as they race around Europe for German sedan supremacy.

Audi races the RS5 DTM in the series, and moving into it from the R18 has proven difficult for Duval in his first season.

"I am a rookie in DTM,” Duval told Motorsport.com , adding that his engineer is also a rookie. “So both [of us] together not knowing, sometimes we don't know exactly where to step and that is difficult."

More than that, though, the cars are different from what Duval is used to.

"Every tire has a different philosophy, this type of tires are really difficult [compared] to what I used to drive the last 10 years," he said. "You could do things to those tires and the tires accepted, and you could stress them a little bit, you could overdrive them. These tires are always difficult to overdrive and push to the limit.”

The result has been a less than stellar first four races for the driver. Duval, so far, has yet to finish better than 14 th place and yet to score a point. Other RS5 drivers, like Jamie Green, have had more luck. The Englishman has won two races and is second in the championship standings.

This season’s car, it should be said, were designed to be difficult to drive. With less downforce and more power than last season, the cars are definitely a handful and difficult to get to grips with.

"You think you have learned a lot, but you still realize that every single day there is something to learn. It is difficult to me, I was expecting it to be difficult, but it is just to put everything together."

Duval is still showing pace. During qualifying at the Lausitzring, for example, Duval set times in the three sectors that would have put him in ninth place, but could never get a lap together to set that time.

"There are some positives about the performance but we definitely didn't put everything together and that is going to be the difficult point of it."

[source: motorsport.com ]