Audi announced today that a number of new models will be equipped with Audi Connect SIM cards. The embedded SIM cards allow owners to access apps from the car’s infotainment screen.

With the SIM card, Audi owners can access the internet anywhere in Europe, can check their e-mail or Twitter, can use Google Earth and Street View, and access a number of other services, from their car.

The Audi Connect SIM is available on new models that have the second gen modular infotainment platform, namely the A3, A4, Q2, Q7, and the new A5, with more models following.

With the Audi SIM, owners can also turn their cars into a mobile hotspot through Audi’s partner on this project, Cubic Telecom, or their own cellular provider. The service will have a download speed of up to 100MBit/s.

With the SIM car, access to Audi Connect services is free for three years, depending on the model. MMI Navigation, too, is included for three months.