Audi is planning an even rarer R8 V10. This one gets the full Audi Sport Performance Parts catalogue thrown at it, and they're only building 44 of them.

The Audi Sport Performance Parts R8 V10 Plus Coupe, and isn't that a badgeful, will get a load of Audi's extras. Starting with a carbon fibre body kit with a massive rear wing and diffuser. It has wider side skirts with the Audi Sport logo and aero bits behind the rear wheels to help focus the airflow. Up front, there's a deeper splitter, canards that look like the GT car's, and more pronounced air inlets.

It's a functional bit of kit, too. At 205 mph, Audi says the R8 makes about 550 lbs downforce. That's  220 lbs more than the standard V10 Plus. At 93 mph, Audi says downforce is double the stock car's.

20-inch milled wheels trim 16 lbs of unsprung mass. They're weearing Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in 245/30 up front and 305/30 in the back. The suspension fits a three-way adjustable coilover system for handling adjustment, and there are ceramic brakes front and rear.

Inside, the R8 boasts an Alcantara wheel with a 12-o'clock stripe. It also gets Audi's smartphone interface and rear camera.