Lead by The A5 Sportback, Audi's November sales showed a 12.1-percent increase for November compared with the same month last year. That makes a 6.7-percent gain for the full year compared to this time last year.

The big winners were the A5 Sportback, the new Q5, and the Q7 SUV. The new to the U.S. A5 Sportback helped the A5 have a 365-percent sales jump over the same month last year, although sales of the Cabrio and Coupe were no slouch, doubling last November's numbers on their own. With 2,243 sales, the A5 lineup came within 500 units of the A4.

The all-new Q5 saw sales increase by over 1,000 units, for a 30.6-percent jump. The Q7's sales were up 26.4-percent.

But not every model shared that sales success. Sales of the A3 were down 20.0-percent. The A7 and A8 were down 21.4 and 36.7-percent respectively, but that's likely due to an all-new version of both cars arriving next year.