Pop culture fans take note, the first trailer for the 2016 Marvel Comics movie Captain America: Civil War is out this morning. Interspersed in the action, perhaps not surprisingly, is some notable Audi placement.


Comic nerds will take note that the movie reveals a few details about the movie. The whole Civil War theme from the comics is carried over, pitting hero against hero... namely Captain America versus Iron Man. The trailer appears to set the stage in Germany, where police wearing vests labeled "Polizei" are storming a building wear the Winter Soldier is holed up. You'll spot plenty of other heroes in the mix, including the first appearance of Black Panther.


Audi nerds will note the cars. First up are the German security. They're rolling in S8s and ready for action, including taking down the Winter Soldier and possibly Captain America. Later at what looks like their headquarters you can spot a new Q7, along with other German cars like a Mercedes police car and BMW police motorcycle.

Watch the trailer below:

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