Audi has all but confirmed it's going to return to the German DTM touring car series for 2019, but that if another brand doesn't show up then it could be done for 2020.

Audi Motorsport Boss Dieter Gass told Autosport the news earlier this month. That even though Mercedes-Benz is pulling out of the series for 2018, Audi will stay. Not just stay, the company will expand to have at least eight cars. That means a 16-car grid for the series for the 2019 series.

But the company wants, well, company. It said that "a minimum of three brands being represented from 2020 on at the latest will be the prerequisite for Audi's continuing commitment."

"Thanks to forward-thinking technologies like the new turbo engines, we continue to see major potential [in the DTM]," said Gass. "Concerning the third manufacturer this will require, I have great confidence in DTM boss Gerhard Berger bringing this competitor to the grid for 2020 at the latest," he added.

BMW, the second brand that is competing in the series next year echoed the sentiment, saying that it supported and was committed to the DTM but needed a third manufacturer.

2019 is the first year for the series to move from 4.0L V8 engines to 2.0L turbo four-cylinders. Audi runs an RS5 in the series that is expected to make the engine switch.