Audi's TT could survive after all. But if it does it might end up electric instead of petrol-powered, says a new report. Even more intriguing, the same could apply to the R8.

Speaking at Audi's annual press conference, the state of the Auto Union, if you will, Audi board member for technical development Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler talked about the possibility.

"The TT is emotional to us; we’ve been having emotional discussions at the board level," Rothenpieler said, according toAuto Express. "Some people say we should stop it but I say that it’s part of our DNA. We’re fighting for it. We want it. It’s our DNA and that’s what we’re fighting for. I’m going to convince my colleagues on how it can be electrified."

Company execs had previously said that they weren't sure if the TT would be able to continue, at least in current form. Though board members want the car and said they were willing to fight for it. Electrification could be a way to ensure the survival of the car.

Maybe more significant is the role of the R8 supercar and how Audi's e-mobility strategy and the supercar intersect. "The same applies to R8 as to TT," Rothenpieler added. "We’re involved in discussing this, and these models and RS will need a change into e-mobility."

That could lead to an electric or electrified R8 or R8 replacement. "We have to keep our sporty DNA and I think we’re going to see in our discussions on what we’ll still need in terms of combustion engines and what we can transfer into e-mobility right away," Rothenpieler said.

Audi CEO Bram Schot was a little more hesitant to proclaim electrification of the models, though. Saying that "with the TT and R8, we’re also looking at volumes because profitability is something we need to focus on."