Audi is moving toward its planned summer launch of production of the new Audi Q5 crossover-utility vehicle for the U.S. and other markets at its plant in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico.

About 2,500 employees are engaged in a training phase at the company’s first North American factory, as they hone quality-assurance procedures. Meanwhile, Audi engineers are perfecting the machinery and processes that will begin producing Q5 units in volume by the second half of this year.

Audi AUDI AG also is working out logistical arrangements with the many suppliers of components to the plant, including local companies in Mexico, suppliers elsewhere in North America, and beyond. A total of 180 suppliers have already been appointed and are working with Audi Mexico at the moment.

Other aspects of the sprawling new Audi community in central Mexico are shaping up as well. A 700-seat cafeteria for Audi employees recently opened in the plant, and a bank branch also opened for the convenience of employees. Audi is completing a fire station inside the factory, which will feature some of the most modern fire-prevention and fire-fighting equipment in the region.

The company has opened a 750-square-meter medical center in the plant, which will create and supervise health and wellness plans for the eventual Audi workforce of 4,200 people.