Developed specifically with those who like to take the road less traveled in mind, Audi's exclusive program caters to those who aren't interested in ordering off the menu.  More often than not, the program is relied on by Audi employees themselves, whether its for their latest personal vehicle, or for an asset for show and display to ensure eyeballs are drawn to the car.  While we're not quite sure which group this RS 6 performance falls into, we can safely say that it looks quite good.


Finished in Audi exclusive Polar Blue Metallic paint, this RS 6 performance does a very good job of disguising the 605hp beast within.   But it's a disguise that only lasts until the 4.0 TFSI comes to life, as this car also happens to be wearing Audi's all-new sport exhaust option, developed in cooperation with Audi Sport partner Akrapovic.  If the exhaust sounds as good as it looks, it's certain to be worth every penny.


The Audi exclusive touches extend to the interior as well, with an alcantara steering wheel with a blue accent at top-dead-center, and alcantara shift knob, and numerous other more subtle additions which play nicely with the RS 6 performance's blue-flecked carbon fiber trim.

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