There's no doubt that one of the hottest Audi exclusive shades currently is Nardo Grey. Stock fare on cars like the R8, RS 7 and RS 5 Cabriolet give it pretty exclusive status, while its medium grey appearance may be broken down to more of a basic "battleship" description.


Given this and our willingness to promote any cool Audi exclusive build, we were most interested when our friend Jack Broder over at Fletcher Jones Audi in Chicago dropped us a line about one particular special order just delivered.


"Just delivered" is key here, because we suspect there are any number of Audi enthusiasts who are probably interested in the car. Sadly for them, they'll have to order their own because Jack tells us this car was a a special order specifically who was placing an order back in May and "wanted something a little different."


Jack tells us that he's got another Nardo Grey Audi on its way to him. The next specimen, we're told, will be a Q3. There's no word on whether it's pre-sold or not. For that info, contact Jack .