Considering the concept cars over the last year, it seems pretty obvious Audi is experimenting with the idea of growing its TT range. And, while the TTQ crossover is the most likely to see production first, Audi is also quite serious about a 5-door, 4-seater Sportback style said to be called TTC.

The rumor of the TTC comes from Georg Kacher's column over at Automobile. Generally, Kacher is quite accurate and when he's not it's usually only because his board level sources decided to change their minds. In as much, we take this rumor seriously.


From the sounds of it, the TTC is effectively a production version of the TT Sportback concept. Effectively that concept took the handsome TT Coupe and applied a low-slung Sportback bodystyle as seen on the A5 and A7 Sportbacks to it. The wheelbase grew, but only by enough to add those two more passengers.

In all likelihood, the TTC will drop with the next all-new generation TT. Given the current TT has just launched and is still years from a facelift, this means the TTC will have some gestation time. During that period, the TT product could shift. Audi is also rumored to be considering a mid-engine R5 to slot below the R8. Such a move would take the TT offering down market.


Regardless, it would seem that the TTC and even a four seater TT Roadster could be viable. Should the TT move down market, these products would likely replace the equivalent A3 Sportback and A3 Cabriolet.

Time will tell. For now, check out the full report by Kacher over on the Automobile website HERE .