When it was first launched, the allroad as a single model was Audi's answer to the then beginning SUV craze. Today, that single model is now a range of two crossover-inspired Avants, though a rumor  suggests the marque may be planning a much bigger range.

Why a large range of allroads? For one, Audi rather uniquely within the luxury car market has a strong heritage with rally? The allroad came after Audi's rally era, but it speaks the same language and emphasizes the more rugged size of quattro. Also, it ties normal production cars with the ever expanding crossover segment and in as much would likely help sales continue to grow.

So, what's in the plan? For one, the Audi A3. Audi is considering building an A3 allroad, though whether that is based on the 5-door A3 Sportback or more of an Avant body style remains to be seen.

Next, Audi is also considering more Sportback based allroads. If it works for the A4 and A6 Avant models, Audi thinks the allroad treatment could also work well for the A5 and A7 in 5-door Sportback forms. It may even be considering sedans, though experiments of this nature from Subaru and Volvo have never really gone anywhere.

If you're curious what more allroad models would look like, a great place to start is with rendering artist Theophilus Chin. Chin's breadth of renderings means he's got numerous angles of numerous potential allroad offerings. You can see the Audi A7 allroad , A3 Sportback allroad , A1 allroad , A5 Sportback allroad , and more .

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