A new interview with Audi CEO Bram Schot tells us that it could be bad news for TT fans. Audi's upsidedown bathtub might be the next victim in the search for profitability.

Asked if the Audi TT would continue, Schot told Autocar that "that’s a very good question. I think there’s a future for an [Audi] icon but I don’t know if it’s a TT. My heart bleeds when you ask that question!"

Does that mean no more small sports cars from Audi? "I’ve got some things cooking which could replace TT, though not necessarily directly," said Schot.

Since taking over the reins of the four rings, he's cut company complexity by more than a quarter. That's via reducing the number of variants and engines. But Schot said that there's more cutting to do. Yes, to pay for electrification. "Audi has to be really prominent in future, but electrification has to be financed. I cannot afford to be in every country, in every segment," Schot said.

The sports car just got a facelift, so expect it to stick around for a few years. After that, though, sagging sales could mean sadness for fans of the TT.