As far as we can tell, we believe what you see here may be the first time an Audi A5 Sportback test mule has been caught in the wild. We've found this and a whole additional set of photos over at .

Launched several years after the original A5 coupe in the market, the 5-door A5 Sportback ushered in the more coupe-like body style that has now become much more synonymous with the Sportback nomenclature than was the first-ever A3 Sportback (more of an Avant).

Of course Audi facelifted that A5 Sportback in 2013 with the rest of the B8 lineup, but now an all-new version of the car is due to hit when the B9 A5 is launched sometime very soon.

The previous generation A5 Sportback never made it to the USA, though we hear that could change. Contacts inside Audi had told us that the roof line of the old car was too low to meet US standards and as such it would have never made it over. The subsequent success of the first A5 Sportback and also the A7/S7/RS 7 lineup both in Europe and here in America have Audi re-thinking the idea of this model for the USA and Canada.

Also being re-thought is the idea of an RS 5 Sportback. Only A5 and S5 models were produced as Sportbacks during the B8 era, but rumors suggest that Audi is planning an RS 5 Sportback this time around. No doubt the RS 7's own success is helping make this decision a no-brainer.

Check out more images of the B9 A5 Sportback test mule and from various angles over at .