When you consider it, there are plenty of reasons to resent André Lotterer. Besides his massive talent as one of the fastest of Audi Sport's R18 pilots, the guy's got the looks and charm to make your girlfriend blush. He's also got a garage full of cars to make you even more envious, and enough of a sense of humor to erode your disdain for his good fortune.

André's way of saving for his future is buying cars. He's acquired no less than a '65 Mustang Fastback, a '68 Charger, two '73 2.7 911 Carrera RSs that he wrenches on himself and a 964 3.8 RS of which only like 30-some were made. Last time we checked in with him, he was also looking to pick up a prancing horse of the 365 Daytona variety. You could say he's pretty much populated our lottery list, plus maybe a Sport quattro, an R8 and an RS 6.

He's got those too by the way. The R8 and the RS 6 are his company cars, but the Sport quattro is another investment. It's Hohenester tuned, with plus sized 5-spoker Group B rally wheels. He takes it to races in places like Spa, and this week to the Nurburgring where he did what only André could do and posed for a shot in the Audi Sport garage with actual R18 wheels sitting next to the wheel wells.

What a jackass. If we didn't love him so much, we're sure we'd hate him. Trouble is, he's such a likable fellow, such a dominant and winning driver and so credible as an enthusiast who really cares about the cars that we can't help but be enamored. It's why he's very quickly become one of Audi's most popular drivers.... that jerk.

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