Hey Allroad Outfitters, was it something we said? Last year about this time we reached out to those RealTree wrap lovers over at Allroad Outfitters to get more info on this car and drew a blank. We reached out again this year and again got nada. All that being said, the Audi at SEMA coverage must go on and Google is your friend when you can't get a response.

[Editor's Note: Allroad Outfitters did just reach out to us and pointed out they'd just gotten back from SEMA, as exhibitors not having the freedom to leave  early as we did. Admittedly, we can be impatient jerks... especially when we need the details on cars such as these.]

Maybe they're too busy to respond. They had four Audis on display at SEMA and that's impressive. We just wish we could get a build list on these cars for inquiring Audi fans who want to know.


So, here's what we were able to put together on the Allroad Outfitters S4. By our count, this is the third visit to SEMA for Allroad Outfitters' 2013 S4 sedan. The look has evolved over the years, but if there's one thing that's constant then it is the RealTree camo livery. While not for everyone, it's enough to make some of the major German car magazines take notice as they posted from SEMA.

In the case of the RealTree livery, even this has seen an upgrade. New for 2015, the S4 has been re-skinned with RealTree Outdoors' Black Camo vinyl for a more menacing look.


More important to our readers than camo wrap are the performance mods, and this car's got plenty. Most obvious is the Aerowerks carbon fiber widebody kit that is an Allroad Outfitters exclusive given Aerowerks is a subsidiary of Allroad Outfitters. With exposed rivet flares and partial fender placement, it is more a mix of functional motorsport appearance and Liberty Walk inspiration. That kit is paired with an APR Performance GTC-500 rear wing and ENLAES carbon fiber lip, side skirts and rear diffusor. This overall aero look too may be controversial, but we think it'll earn plenty of respect even if it isn't for everyone.


The ride, of course, is dropped thanks to a set of KW V3 coilovers. Stopping power is also improved thanks to a set of StopTech Trophy Series big brakes. Both handling and stopping is further improved thanks to a set of 18x12 RAYS ZE40s painted Ibis White to match the car and shod with sticky Toyo R888 tires in 335/30/18 sizing.


Under the hood, the augmentation continues. For starters, it's got a Stage 2+ tune and air intake from APR. It's also got a header-back exhaust with custom electronic valves from Borla.


Inside, the car has further upgrades. Namely, there's a pair of Recaro Sporter CS seats covered in Alcantara to match the factory upholstery.

Finally, you can't miss the Thule branding on the side of at least three of the Allroad Outfitters cars parked in front of the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center. Each of the AO cars featured the latest in roof rack tech from Thule, which included a set of Aeroblade cross bars, Sprint bike attachments and a Trail Basket.

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