ABT Sportsline's latest offering makes the SQ5 faster, lower and meaner. And wider too, if you want it.

It starts with more power. Audi's twin-turbo V6 gets a 20 percent power boost that takes the crossover from 354 hp to 425. Torque gets a boost, too, to 406 lb-ft, thanks to ABT's revised ecu.

The body kit adds a new front bumper with bigger, bolder, and meaner air inlets. ABT adds big side skirts and door strips along the side. At the rear is a new rear bumper housing a big, loud, and black chrome exhaust that really stands out.

But the real trick is the optional widebody kit. Fender flares are added on for a wider stance. There are also fender insert air slots available. ABT can add a rear wing to the hatch if you want one.

Completing that stance are 22-inch wheels, made possible by the wide fenders. 21 and 20-inch options are also on the list for those who don't opt for the big fender option.

New suspension components for the SQ5 lower the body to finish off the look and improve handling. ABT is also offering a new entrance light that projects the company logo onto the ground when the door is open.