A new report from Germany says that the surging sales of crossovers might be claiming another pair of victims. The A5 and TT drop tops.

Sales of both models have been sluggish, but the report from AutoBild suggests that Audi has a solution. Even if it's a confusingly named one. The two convertibles will be replaced with one, dubbed the A4 Cabrio. That's the name Audi used to use, with the 2nd and 3rd gen A4s getting a Cabrio model before the niche-filling automaker branched the A4 into two-door (and then later four-door coupe) the A5.

Thanks to the Volkswagen family MLB modular platform that underpins everything from the A4 to the Bentley Bentayga, the replacement could end up being cheaper than the competition. AutoBild suggests it could be up to €10,000 more affordable than the C-Class and 4 series convertibles. That cost cut would help boost sales, even if the car doesn't have the same ultra-hip style of the TT roadster.

The publication is also saying that the new A4 Cabrio will have electrification in mind, which means it could see a plug-in variant or even a green open-top EV.

[source: Auto Bild ]