CyberMonday seems about as good a day as any to kick off our annual Gift Guide for Audi enthusiasts. Each year Fourtitude endeavors to assemble a mix of cool gifts for your favorite Audi owner or enthusiast. From affordable to expensive, easy to find or complicated acquisition, the mix you’ll find here will prove you gave some thought to your loved one’s Audi affliction.

More than likely, your non-Audi lusting loved-ones won’t stumble across this site. It’s not exactly Mashable… or even Road & Track. Fourtitude is niche, so figure out a creative (or.. blatant if necessary) way to share this list while they still have time to get you something. We’d suggest passing it to a mutual close friend who’s also into cars, having them pass it back via IM with a casual, “This’d be perfect for you-know-who…”

Whatever the case, we would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday and fourtuitous new year, whichever holidays you choose to recognize or ignore.

If you’re into cars, it seems a given then that you’d be into smaller versions of cars. Be that a highly detailed model car for your desktop, a remote-control racer or a ride-on car for your kids, there are mini versions of all sorts of Audis to keep you entertained.

1/8 Scale Remote Control Audi R8 LMS by LosiWhen considering remote control model cars, it is important to remember that not all are created equal. While any number of R/C R8s can be found on Amazon or even the Audi Collection online store, this particular R8 LMS modeled after WRT’s R8 LMS in quite large 1/5 scale from Losi is serious business. Its electric 1200Kv motor will motor it past 60 mph. As you might expect, such a large and rapid R/C R8 doesn’t come at Toys R’ Us pricing. Price is $1,199.99.




1/43 Audi RS 4 Avant B5Whatever the size or cost, scale model cars are a guilty pleasure. Unlike an R/C car or the like, they effectively just sit there. They’re too delicate for your kid to smash up like his favorite Hot Wheels, but they’re super detailed and the wide array available means you can get them in either a mini-me form of something close to your own car or highlighting one of your favorite fantasy rides. This 1:43 rd scale B5 RS 4 represents the latter.

Effectively this is a model by Minichamps and sold via the Audi Collection. Imola Yellow is the lone color available via the link provided, though a more resourceful gift buyer may try scouring Ebay or the web to find other colors sold years ago when the car was new, cars like our own example in Avus Silver. The price via the Audi Collection is $75.


1/12 Scale Auto Union Type C #18, RosemeyerThe thing about model cars is that you rarely stop at just one. A bad model car habit combined with small size and relative affordability could have your desktop or bookcase turning into a veritable parking lot. This danger lessens, while level of detail increases considerably, when you move on up to larger scales. While a smaller 1:43 might accent your desktop, a larger 1/12 scale model can complement an entire room and will become a natural focal point. So, if you were going to put just one model car in your den or man cave, you won’t really find something more detailed or classic-looking than this Auto Union Type C by CMC. Painstakingly detailed, this car modeled after Bernd Rosemeyer’s entry for the 1937 Eifelrennen at the Nurburgring will captivate even the most uncaring in its level of precision.

Alas though, precision, size, detail and a very limited production run comes at a cost. Expect to pay more than 2,700 Euros or anywhere from $3,200 to $3,800 US.


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1/12 Scale Audi S1 Pikes Peak No. 1 1987 by Otto MobileSay you want a 1/12 th scale model car but are looking for something a little more modern and a little less in price. For that we’d point you to this very cool 1987 Audi S1 Pikes Peak racer by Otto Mobile. Otto has been making a name for themselves producing 1:18 scale cars and often of ‘80s and ‘90s vintage, also at a competitive price. More recently, the firm has been expanding into 1/12 scale resin cars and the examples we spied on display at model car vendors on location at the Frankfurt IAA motor show last September left us incredibly impressed.

We never saw the Audi S1 at the show unfortunately, because we’d have probably tried to carry it home on the plane. Otto Mobile’s status primarily as a German/European player also means you’ll have to buy it abroad and ship to the USA. Given the price at about 280 Euros though (1/10 th the cost of the CMC Auto Union), we firmly believe this is one of the coolest items on our list this year and well worth the hassle of acquisition.


Audi TTS & RS 5 Ride-OnLast year we featured a few ride-ons that were quite well received by our readers. Given their popularity and also their tendancy to fluctuate in price and seasonally change, we wanted to revisit the breed. While existing 6V versions like the TT Roadster (available at Target again this year) and R8 GT Spyder (available again at Toys R Us again this year and also in white), we thought we’d focus on two new and more powerful entries this year… notably one of the new TTS Mk3 and also the RS 5.

While 6V ride-ons like those featured last year can run anywhere from $100 to $200, newer or more powerful 12V versions can range even more. In as much, we’ve found a 12V version of the new TTS for $319 and RS 5 $449, both on

Purchase: TTS White , TTS Red , TTS Yellow , RS 5 Grey , RS 5 Black , RS 5 White , RS 5 Blue
Consider personal accessories to be the catch-all of items that you wear or carry on your person, including clothing, chronographs, key-chains and the like. Whether it’s as simple as a T-shirt or as complicated as unobtainium team gear, this mix of clothing and such will literally have you covered.

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Audi Collection USA Heritage LineupIn case you haven’t noticed it, Audi of America has been aggressively adding previously German market only Audi merchandise to the U.S. Audi collection. Even better, they’re also creating some of their own.

Take the Audi Heritage line of goods. What started as a few vintage-look Audi Sport clothing pieces has grown with even more U.S. only items featuring the so-called Audi “football” logo, the red oval with vintage Audi script. Whether it is embroidered on a beanie or silk screened in distressed finish one a T-shirt, the look is both handsome and decidedly vintage. This football logo Heritage Line is also U.S. only as near as we can tell. Check out the entire mix at the U.S. Audi Collection online store.

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Audi Polo Team official Kit BagOne of our favorite forms of Audi swag is the official-looking type. Such is the case with this Audi Polo Team kit bag from Casablanca. As part of its vast sports sponsorship efforts around the world, Audi supports several Polo teams specifically. Even the Prince of Wales has been known to sit in on at least one of them. Here, we’ve found a handsome black duffle with orange accents and embroidered with the Audi Polo Team logo. Price is $185.










Audi Vintage Advertisement Tote BagOn the other end of the spectrum in the realm of bags is this cotton tote bag printed with a vintage Audi advertisement from 1912. Depicted in the ad is company founder August Horch, hand to his ear to emphasize the listening nature of the word Audi, Latin for “Hark”, and in German “Horch”.

This is a simple reusable and washable cotton tote printed with the ad. Readily available via Amazon, it is just $20.






us ski team jacket



U.S. Ski Team Gear with Audi Sponsorship LogosAlso on the subject of official team gear, we turn to the U.S. Ski team. Audi of America is a longtime sponsor and, like Adidas team gear of Audi Sport, the stuff isn’t readily available to the general public.

You’d be hard pressed to find a member of the U.S. Ski Team wearing the off-the-shelf consumer team gear that bears no sponsorship logos. Official gear issued to team members is the only way to find the four rings of Audi, and it’s also infinitely higher quality and cooler than the consumer goods. That said, you can’t just buy it in their store.

So, short of joining the U.S. Ski Team, how do you go about getting this sort of stuff? Well, we learned in our research that there’s no shortage of it for sale on Ebay. Yes, supplies may be limited and selection sparse, but it’s there and there enough in number that plenty should be able to pick up something cool in their size. Use care though, as not all of these goods feature Audi logos.




Watch it, read it, play it or create with it. Items in this category are some either media you can consume or media you can create

Cars: A Complete History, BookLess history book and more potential activity for you and your kids is this publication we found at the local Michael’s arts and crafts store. Filled with card stock pages printed with foldable patterns for iconic cars through history, the mix of cars includes a little bit of everything. Most notable to us are the Mk1 TT, Sport quattro (labeled simply quattro), Audi R8 and Auto Union silver arrow racer.

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Rosemeyer!, BiographyOne of the most intriguing motorsport legends with an association to Audi Sport is Bernd Rosemeyer. The most shining star on the pre-war Auto Union silver arrow racing squad, this young German with moviestar looks and otherworldly pace was one of the biggest celebrities in pre-war Germany, married to Ellie Beinhorn who was the German version of Amelia Earhart. Rosemeyer was killed at a young age while attempting a high-speed run on the German autobahn at the wheel of an Auto Union, and his story is expertly told by Beinhorn in partnership with renowned Auto Union historical expert Chris Nixon.

This book isn’t the easiest to find. It’s long been out of print, originally penned in German and then later printed in English and never really widely available in the USA. In the days before Amazon, we found our copy at a small niche bookseller less than a mile from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy. Today it is not exactly easy to acquire, but you’ll currently find a few used copies available on Amazon.

Purchase: and again on




Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox OneYou may have missed that the most recent Forza Motorsport 6 dropped just a few months ago. As with any new Forza offering, it’s well into the practice of adding new cars and tracks in download bundles, meaning an already robust mix of Audi models is ever-growing. We’re longtime fans of Forza, and find it a great addition to an Xbox One equipped home.


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When it comes to the automotive hobby, a great way to accent that is what you do with your various spaces. To our eye, places like your home, garage or office are an excellent place to gear around your four-wheeled passion. Consider that as you weigh these goods.
IMSA R8 Skate Deck from GarageWeltSure you can skate on it but why would you? Then this super cool vintage liveried and BBS-fitted R8 would be facing the ground. The artwork on this skate deck from GarageWelt is fantastic, better for hanging on your wall as… well… artwork. Lucky GarageWelt knows this as well and sells a mounting bracket for its decks.

Purchase: and also the Mounting Bracket








Walter 83 Art Ball Chair by Racing & EmotionThe mod-looking Art Ball chairs from Racing & Emotion are a great looking way to bring some of your car enthusiast flair into your home. The basic art ball design is accented with racing livery-inspired paint schemes and matching upholstery. In the case of this particular chair, this means inspiration comes from Walter Röhrl’s 1983 Audi quattro A2 WRC.

With high quality and materials, understand that these chairs aren’t exactly Ikea price range. Expect to pay around $5,500.










Sonic Tools Tire CaddyOkay, we’ll admit we’re definitely of the massive overkill philosophy when it comes to tools as well as cars. In that vein, may we present to you the Tire Caddy from Sonic Tools. Technically these are more appropriate for race teams moving a lot of tire sets around the paddock, but it’ll also make movement of your various wheel sets around your garage thanks to foot or hand controlled gripping jaws and patented lifting system. Price is $549.