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Audi Forum Store Guide
By by: George Achorn
Aug 4, 2004, 13:16

If you fancy yourself an Audi enthusiast/collector or simply a wayward tourist, the act of picking up a souvenir will probably find its way onto your list of things to do while visiting Museum Mobile. The Uber-Audiphile will find plenty to choose from while at the Audi Forum and for those of us not in Audiís home market of Germany, it could be considered a veritable treasure trove.

Audi Store

Within Audiís delivery center can be found the flagship store for the Audi Collection. Basically a collection of Audi AGís gargantuan range of Audi and Auto Union items and regalia, youíll find everything from model cars and clothing to bicycles and luggage.

Model car buffs will appreciate the large selection of scale automobiles, something for which it seems the Germans have a fetish. Toward the back of the store, there are deals to be had where older models are discounted quite heavily in order to move them out of stock. We found 1:43 scale Minichamps A4 models marked from 20 Euros down to 3 Euros.

If youíre able to get your hands on one of the German Audi Collection master catalogs, youíll find all that and more inside the Audi Collection store. If you donít see something in your size, ask as they keep stock in a room behind the register. If you donít have one of the catalogs, pick one up, as theyíre available within the store.

Museum Shop

Located next to Museum Mobile is a wholly different kind of store run by Audi Tradition. While the Audi Collection store may smack of corporate presence, the Museum Shop shows itís managed by someone with the heart of a collector.

It seems they take great care in finding the widest range possible of books, model cars, postcards, posters, DVDs, videos and more. Rather than limiting themselves to simply Audi Collection manufacturers such as Herpa and Minichamps, the Audi Tradition store also stocks a wide arrange of even the most hard-to-find hand built resin models. We found several 1:43 examples of Sport Quattro rally cars, the Wanderer Streamliner Special and more.

Another unique aspect of the store is that also stocks vintage collector items. From vintage badges of vehicles and lapel pins to old posters, out of print books, original factory literature and antique watches, itís obvious that Tradition isnít just a name, and the offerings are far from what you might be able to order from your friendly neighborhood Audi dealer.

If you are a collector of all things Audi, take your time investigating the store, as stock most assuredly changes over time and each corner of the showroom promises something unique to find. A caution though; we purchased an Audi Motorsport DVD rather than the VHS version so as to watch it on the plane ride home, only to find that DVDs are digitally formatted per market to avoid pirating, rendering our DVD useless on our US-market DVD player.

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